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Printing, Literacy, and Education in Eighteenth Century Ireland:

Why the Irish Speak English

A sampling of reviews

"An astute study and a significant contribution to orality-literacy studies." -- Dr. Karen B. Brown, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences, Dominican University

"This intellectual yet immensely readable book demonstrates new and exciting insights into both Irish history and the history of technology and is a must-read for scholars and laymen alike." -- Dr. Brian Cogan, Associate Professor of Communication Arts, Molloy College

"Fallon is a first-rate storyteller in that his fluid narratve, which is further refined by fascinating historical details and reasoning, draws the reader in page by page...This is an important and useful text..." -- Dr. Casey Man Kong Lum, Professor of Communication and Media Studies, William Patterson University

"(Why the Irish Speak English) is an ambitious work, and may inspire further research into the field of Irish bibliography...(Fallon's) chief interests are in mass communication and its social implications, particularly the ethics of journalism. This volume is a bold step outside that sphere." -- Helen Price Saunders, Cardiff University, Wales

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