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The Metapysics of Media:

Toward an End to Postmodern Cynicism

and the Construction of a Virtuous Reality


...this is a well-documented work. Fallon...applies his knowledge in the first-person perspective, so the text reads more like a conversation than a lecture...and by keeping this on a personal level, Fallon crosses that bridge from being death defyingly boring to interesting and insightful...
--David Rosman, New York Journal of Books

Drawing on his insights, wrought from faith and reason, his book the weight of a truly intriguing philosophical treatise. Even more welcome is his clear prose and delightfully personal pace...highly recommended as a text for the student and scholar.
Tim Weldon, Chair, Department of Philosophy and Theology, University of St. Francis

Winner, Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics, 2010
--The Media Ecology Association


From the Back Cover

"Fallon brings keen insight, wit, and wisdom to bear on the momentous issues and questions related to today's media...One way or another, even for those who try to 'tune it out,' in the 'tower of babble' we call the information age, the media surround and affect us all, and Fallon's voice needs to be heard. Everyone who reads this book will be challenged to examine how they understand the media, and how much they allow the media to 'fill up' their lives, their minds, their hearts, and their souls. In what he calls our 'age of darkness,' Fallon shines a very bright light on the media and how we allow ourselves to be affected by it."


The Metaphysics of Media

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