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Generations Ellul

March 15, 2021 -- Ten years ago, Prof. Frederic Rognon of the University of Strasbourg published a book called "Générations Ellul. Soixante héritiers de la pensée de Jacques Ellul." (Generations of Ellul: Sixty Heirs to the Thought of Jacques Ellul) on the occasion of Ellul's one-hundredth birthday. It is a sort of encyclopedia of Ellul scholars and scholarship, a tradition of scholarship that spans the disciplines of theology, philosophy, sociology, ecology, technology, and mass communication.

Prof. Rognon is now preparing a second edition and asked if I would wish to be included. After a few days of correspondence, I can now tell you that I emphatically answered "yes," and will have an entry in the new edition, publication date yet to be determined.

This is the nicest thing that's happened to me in months. Je suis tres excite'!

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