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Jacques Ellul on Violence, War, and


"Jacques Ellul on Violence, Resistance, and War brings together insightful essays by leading scholars on Ellul's relevance and foresight. In these times we owe it to ourselves to consider Ellul's wisdom. This is a thoughtful collection that will help us interpret, understand, and apply his profound ideas."
--Jacob E. Van Vleet, Diablo Valley College

"Jacques Ellul was one of the twentieth century's most prolific and influential public intellectuals. That his work inspired both pacifism and violent protest is a sign of its power and complexity. In this volume, Jeffrey Shaw and other thoughtful contributors explore the implications of Ellul's work as it relates to our contemporary world, awash as it is in violence. Anyone who wants to understand Ellul--or wants Ellul to help them understand the world--should read it."
--Noah Toly, Wheaton College

"This book is a literary gem, with its readability index a number 10. The history is deep and the theoretical work crystal clear, the sociology is impeccable and the news events live. Relevance may be overvalued in publishing, but here it is pure gold: terrorism, police atrocities, cybersecurity, economic brutality, high-tech weapons of war, ruthless dictators--readers are absorbed and ideas emerge to help provide context to the violence. Ellul's writing and reflections on violence and war give the book cohesion, and an all-star cast of Ellul scholars examines contemporary events through the lens of his thought, providing a new book that is stunning in its inclusiveness."
--Clifford Christians, University of Illinois-Urbana

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