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22nd Convention of the Media Ecology Association

July 8, 2021 -- We had a really good session on the first day of the 22nd annual convention of the Media Ecology Association (via Zoom), with more than thirty-five people in the "room" and a full half-hour of Q&A. I previewed my forthcoming book Propaganda 2.1; Understanding Propaganda in the Digital Age with a presentation called "What Ellul Didn’t Foresee: Information Theory, the Digital Age, and 'Fake News'." It went really well, and once again my two other panelists were (VERY) young Media Ecologists, Marcelo Capello Martins (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Matheus Baliú de Carli (same institution). It makes me feel good to know that the Media Ecology Association, and media ecology itself, are in good hands for the future.

MEA 2021.JPG
MEA 2021 2.JPG
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